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I now have my very own domain on the self hosted version of WordPress and would love you to visit me there!

I will updating and adding new bits and pieces soon.

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Red Lip Pics.

Just a few ‘Arty Farty’ pics I took using my iphone the other day after I did my red lipstick…

20120719-105030 PM.jpg

20120719-105042 PM.jpg

Sorry for the lazy post! Been a busy bee tonight preparing tickets for a comedy night the bf is putting on in my home town Southend. Featuring none other than Russell Kane doing a ‘New Material Spot’. Very exciting!

The Day Miss Grace Decided to Rebel.

Where I work, during the busy periods within one of the departments there is often an influx of temporary staff.

It’s fun to see new people, check them out and admire their fresh outfits. It makes a nice change amongst all the recycled work uniform ruts most of us perms have fallen into. It offers a change of pace and a chance to be inspired.
However some inspire for all the wrong reasons…

Most of the temps do dress respectively, however there are a certain few young ladies that think that the bum skimming skirts are the way to go.

See for the most part within most professional companies bum skimming skirts and strappy tops are not deemed appropriate attire for the office. It’s supposed to be smart and professional.

So one afternoon after copping one too many eyefuls of what one particular girl had had for breakfast. Miss Jo Grace decided to make a complaint. Just to stress that if she is not allowed to dress in this manner why should these girls be allowed to flaunt all. We are not going ‘to tha club’ quite the contrary unfortunately…

She felt and I agree, that it’s discriminating between the permanent female staff members and the temporary. If we are all working and representing the same company shouldn’t we all be treated the same?

Maybe the Manager who hired them enjoys the ‘temporary’ view. He has been known to make conversations with women’s breasts.

However nothing was said, nothing was done, nothing changed.

So in order to make her point she decided to wear this to work.

20120718-091546 PM.jpg

Now on the scale of inappropriate this is by no means a ‘oh my god, oh no she didn’t’ moment, but in comparison to the rest of us she obviously stood out.

Some of the comments that transpired were unbelievable. She said she had received disapproving comments from her line manager, the same one I believe the original complaint was made. Nothing was done because it was her friends daughter I later learnt. Hmmm.

A previous manager made the worst comment telling her it was ‘totally inappropriate’. When she made her argument the response was ‘its because they are considerably younger than you so they can pull it off’. Jo is 22!!! Being a rather large middle-aged man, I said she should have told him ‘his waistline was totally inappropriate…’.

The temps ages range from about 18 to 20 for the majority. This in my eyes is disgraceful seeing as the skirt she is wearing is by no means as short as others that we saw being paraded up and down the office, sending many a male into a frenzy.

Seriously some of them where running around like excited children, it was quite amusing to say the least. We all check people out but if your skirt barely covers your arse in the middle of the day everybody notices and it is a distraction to everyone.

I am 26 and all things considered at the right time and place I would wear a mini skirt. So by that particular managers standard I am too old? Is this really the opinion that because they are younger they can get away with it, that they are void from reprimand on an age basis?!

My opinion is that that is pure and simple bullshit, it’s just an excuse to justify perving. We weren’t born yesterday.

Jo was, I am happy to say and rightly so, not officially pulled up on her attire. They really didn’t have a mini skirted leg to stand on.

I am proud of her for standing up for what she believed in and making her point. I admire her gumption and determination. Actions speak louder than words and she held her head up and stuck it to them. You go girl.

Don’t be Afraid of the Big Red Lip.

I feel that EVERY women should own a red lipstick.

It’s just pure joy. It’s sexy, feminine and empowering. Well that’s how I feel about it anyway.

Feeling sh*tty? Just add Red Lippy…

This is my Red lip make over.

‘Plain Jane Work Face’

20120717-114749 PM.jpg

To ‘Red Lipped Vixen’

20120717-114848 PM.jpg

I did use a flash in the second picture (The No7 Skin illuminator is still going strong!).

However all I added was a red lip and and a quick coat of mascara.

I used these three products (mascara not pictured was Maxfactor False Lash Effect).

20120717-115201 PM.jpg

The lipstick is Red Diva by Rimmel. The liner is No10 Red Rush by Maxfactor and of course some Body Shop Shea lip butter to prepare my lips beforehand.

You don’t always have to do a full face. A strong lip colour is sometimes all you need to transform your look from bland to glam.

Have fun with it, try different shades out. Everyone will suit different tones, so take your time selecting. Not all shades suit all.

Just get your red lipstick on!

Style Share – It’s all in a Days Work

I rarely wear all black, when I do it’s predominately for work.

This is today’s ensemble.

20120716-113308 PM.jpg

The skirt was from Zara. The shirt was purchased in River Island and the shoes are Nine West brought in a sale at Debenhams.

I love this skirt, high waisted pencil skirts are so chic and feminine also they show off your lady lumps divinely.

Beauty Fix ~ Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer

Although my Mother’s father was Italian, I didn’t inherit a Mediterranean skin tone.

So I like to fake it. Sun beds are a big no no for me. I used to be obsessed in my early twenties but I avoid like the plague now. It’s just not worth it they are so damaging.

I prefer to use moisturising gradual self- tanners. I can be in control of the colour, so can avoid nasty surprises and obviously it’s moisturising my skin at the same time.

Usually I buy the regular Summer Glow from Dove. However this was on the shelve so thought I’d give it a go.

20120716-094309 PM.jpg

It feels just like a lotion and is easy to apply. Just make sure you use circular motions and blot any excess around you ankles, knees and elbows.

You can instantly see the shimmer so great if you want to whack some on your legs before you go out and know while it’s shimmering it’s tanning.

It isn’t fragranced so if you can’t put up with a bit of stale biscuit smell, you may not like it. It’s not as bad as others though and after a while I don’t notice it.

I apply this all over once a week usually on a Friday. The shimmer only shows until you have a shower. I like it to look quite natural, I may put a little extra on my arms or legs if they are going to be on show.

It leaves your skin feeling really smooth and soft. I personally love the results.

It states it has DeepCare Complex.
‘The unique DeepCare Complex includes natural skin nutrients and rich essentials oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down*.
*surface layers of skin

Well I don’t know about all that but it sure make my legs look and feel lovely.

These are the next day result. It does look lighter in daylight. I used Normal/ Dark but it comes in Fair/Med.

20120716-100803 PM.jpg

It is only £2.55 on the Superdrug website at the moment! Usually £5.10.
I’m stocking up!!!
Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer

TIP- If you are applying in the morning and going out all day. Try to use Anti-perspirant. Sometimes when Deodorant mixes with the tanning agent it can make you smell worse… No one wants that!

Beauty Fix ~ Natural Yuk to Natural Yum.

I never need an excuse to put make up on… However if I’m not going anywhere, besides washing my face and moisturising I usually go without make up. It’s important to let your skin breathe.

However I decided to do a quick spruce. Natural is fine but a little help here and there never hurt anybody.

So here I am in all my plain faced glory. Eek!!!

20120715-040905 PM.jpg

My skin is combination but it can often get quite oily. Which means my pores get clogged very easily and I still get spots like when I was a teenager!
– It isn’t all bad though because oily skin is thicker than drier skin it helps with resisting the elements better, i.e. weather, pollution etc. So oilier skin can slow down the ageing process.

These are the products I used.

20120714-080616 PM.jpg

First I applied the Nivea Visage Moisturiser, it’s oil free so it helps keep my face in place.

Nivea Visage – Daily Essentials, Oil Free Moisturiser

Next was the No7 Skin Illuminator in pink. It is the most gorgeous product ever and really it’s my secret weapon. It just does exactly what it says on the tin.

No7 Skin Illuminator

My Garnier Roll-on with concealer was then rolled under the eyes and blended using my finger.

The foundation I used was Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Light Beige – No53. It’s a gel foundation and it also adds radiance, a little goes a long way so fantastic value for money. I used my Fräulein make up brush to do this. This has to be one of my favourite high street foundations at the moment. It’s very natural looking and is so easy to blend.

Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum

I used a small amount of my collection 2000 concealer on my spots and around the corner of my eyes where my skin is discoloured. It’s rich and creamy and gives amazing cover. I pressed a small amount of collection 2000 powder to set (not pictured as smashed to smithereens, I’m clumsy).

Collection 2000 – Lasting Perfection Concealer

I then used my Givenchy Eye & Brow Prisme to fill in my brows and tidy them up a bit. It comes with a miniature pair of tweezers, brow brush and shadow brush and also has a little mirror on the inside, so extreamely handy. Its pricey at £30.50 but this is a fantastic little product and a great investment.

Givenchy Eye & Brow Prisme

I applied a few layers of my Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara just to open up my eyes.

I also applied a very small amount of Me Me Me blush in pink to give me back some colour.

Finally I put on some of my Body Shop Lip Butter. (See my review)

And done.

20120715-041036 PM.jpg

•••Old Bands, New Music•••

Two of my favourite bands are releasing new albums this year and I cant wait to hear them. Looking foward to hearing what journey they take, how they’ve adapted and general creative route.

Bloc Party caught my attention immediately with Banquet. Two More Years was often put on repeat. Price of Gasoline, Like eating Glass and Helicopter all stick out in my mind, as well as Mercury.
New album out August 20th 2012

20120715-023652 AM.jpg
Original Photo by Shawnee Anderson, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

No Doubt – My favourites are Don’t Speak, Just a girl, Spiderwebs, Bathwater and Ex-girlfriend. I can listen to them all though,
Album out 25th September 2012.

20120715-023312 AM.jpg
Original photo by Catherine Dugas, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

And Gwen Stefani just rocks it of course. One of my favourite Chicks.

20120715-023534 AM.jpg
Original Photo by jelizen, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.